On average, 80% of potential conversions from Facebook are lost to poor ad strategy

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Retargeting is also known as remarketing that allows your website to maintain your products or services in front of your customers who have left without converting.

Retargeting is just like a reminder that shows the customers who in the past are buying something from your website about your new product and updating about new products.

In most of websites around only 2% of their traffic actually takes the action before they leave the site. They just quit after all it took to get them into the site. but mostly visitors are non-converting because they are not interested. They are often mesmerized, they want to check out the competition, or they were just curious. Once they leave that are not coming back to your website. That’s why we use Retargeting to remember them again and again.

How Does It Work?

Retargeting uses cookies to follow users through the web anonymously. You can drop an anonymous cookie onto the browser of any new visitor with the right code fragment on your site. These cookies help use to know that the users have visited on our website and trigger your various ads. Like other types of paid advertising, you are biding to show your ads but typically the price of retargeting is quite low as compare to others. As a result, retargeting is a cheap and easy way to pull potential customers towards you that you might have otherwise lost.

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 Retargeting Channels

There are several other sites in comparison to the Google Display Network where you can use retargeting to drive traffic back to your website.

1.Google Remarketing

Google is a great way to stay top of mind and up-to-date. Google helps you to customize your remarketing advertising based on the specific items and pages that a user sees when visiting your site. That helps you to maximize your conversions and sales. you can create custom tailor-made ads that target specific audiences and demographics.

2.Dynamic Retargeting

There is very problem for e-commerce companies that have hundreds of products to advertise their product. It is almost impossible to build an e-commerce retargeting strategy by using traditional AdWords remarketing. But it is possible with Dynamic retargeting that allows you to create a single, easy-to-update stock stream for the brand that places retargeting ads based on the same items seen by your users. So it is very efficient the user will automatically see a product ad for the specific items they’ve already looked at, rather to showing the generic remarketing ads.

3.Social Retargeting

You can find a lot of your non-converted traffic on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter Instagram because about million or billions of people are using these platforms so it is easy to get more traffic from one of those social media networks. With social retargeting, your ads appear on the social network feeds of previous visitors to your site.

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