On average, 80% of potential conversions from Facebook are lost to poor ad strategy

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Why Advertise On Facebook?

Facebook is a platform that allows you to target your audience and show ads to the people         who likely want your product and services. if you target the right audience, Facebook ads are much more powerful than other high- funnel marketing channels like AdWords. Facebook advertising hits potential customers higher in the sales funnel.

Targeting the Right Audience

On Facebook, there are many ways to target your audience. As a basic strategy, targeting customer using categories such as age, gender, interests can produce good results, but to get the most out of your campaigns, it is best to build custom audiences that based on which types of users make the most benefits for your company or business. You can upload a list of your customer email addresses to speed up the custom audience building process. Creating custom audience is time consuming and take a lots of effort but once you make profile of your ideal customer you will receive great result.First, a great way to strengthen your overall marketing strategy by using the database to make Facebook a retargeting platform. The Second very effective way is use database and make “lookalike” campaign that targets users with similar profile characteristics to the ones in your database. This campaign attracts new traffic with high conversion potential.

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Optimizing Your Facebook Campaigns

Besides targeting the right audience, setting up your campaigns for success is critical that’s why we will require testing. The testing key is use to identify what works best for your target audience. It’s good to have a variety of ads and promoted content because sometimes the unexpected things attract your audience so it’s very important to keep testing different ads and content until you get a positive feeling about what works great for your business. it’s very essential to ensure that your landing pages’ convert clicks into conversations as much possible. For PPC platform it’s not enough to have traffic you need to create an environment that compels the customer to convert.

The Fly Digitally Difference

In Facebook campaign platform there is no concept set once your ad and then forget it. We Track the Facebook campaigns of our customers on a weekly basis and continuously optimize their ads and goal to achieve the highest possible yield and the lowest possible price.To being focusing on Facebook advertisings global level and potential then contact us today.

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